Corrigenda and Errata for the Broadview Digby Mary Magdalene

The following is a list of corrigenda and errata in my Broadview edition of the Digby Mary Magdalene that were not caught before the book went to press (as well as a few textual readings I’ve changed my mind about). They will be corrected in the next print run. The specific issues are noted below in bold.

If any readers discover others, please do let me know!

  • Page 23, line 199: “…damned to death…”
  • Page 26, line 294: “Under clover…” [Delete marginal gloss]
  • Page 30, line 407: “…should you a-rear…”
  • Page 42, line 717: “… Spiritus Alme “; n 2: “Latin: Holy Spirit.” [Delete rest of footnote]
  • Page 56, line 1061: “…why sighest thou…”
  • Page 86, note 1: “… O honoured virgin.”
  • Page 87, note 1: “… from the mound….”
  • Page 89, 1988 s.d. and page 94, 2092 s.d. should read (… in herimo).

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